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Juhayman: 40 Years On
2019-11-20 - Arab News -  

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The sacrilegious storming of the Grand Mosque in Makkah by armed fanatics in November 1979 sent a shockwave through the entire Islamic world. For the citizens of Saudi Arabia, however, the greatest shock was yet to come.
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Saudi Arabia's Awakening Shakyhs: Where are they Today?

During the 1990's a younger generation of Saudi religious shaykhs rose to prominence on a wave of anti-Western rhetoric and criticism of Saudi government policies. A government crackdown in 1994 put some of the most prominent members of the Awakening movement in prison for the rest of the decade. Since their release, most have lost their positions within the Saudi religious-educational bureaucracy, but many have been able to resume a public, if more subdued role within the religious community.