Family Tree
The Saudi family tree consists of at least six distinct branches that trace their heritage back to an 18th century founder.  The "Royal" branch of the family draws its lineage through each generation's leading chieftan within the descendants of Saud, denoted below in blue, through the kingdom's modern founder, Abd al-Aziz.  Only descedandants of this "Royal" line are considered candidates of the throne. The other, non-royal branches of the family are referred to as "Cadet" branches. Abd al-Aziz broke with family tradition by decreeing that leadership would pass among his sons by eldest and most qualified, rather than continue to pass directly from father to son. (Click on the name of any family member below to view his individual family tree.)

Thunayyan (Al Thunayyan Branch)
Farhan (Al Farhan Branch)
Mishari (Al Mishari Branch)
Muhammad bin Saud (Founder of the Al Saud Dynasty)
Jiluwi (Bin Jiluwi Branch)
Abd al-Aziz
Saud (Saud al-Kabir Branch)
Abd al-Rahman (Abd al-Rahman Branch)
Abd al-Aziz (Founded Modern Saudi Arabia)
Saud  (King 1952-1964)
Faysal (King 1964-1975)
Khalid (King 1975-1982)
Fahd (King 1982-2005)
Abdallah (King 2005-2015)
Salman (King 2015-????)

Cadet, or non-royal, branches of the family (marked above in beige) were formed by members of the family who broke from the others due to rifts over succession or brothers of a chieftan who often allied themselves and their families with his cause.  Today, members of the Cadet branches of the Al Saud hold high ranking and sensitive postions in the Saudi government, but they are not in line to the throne.  Thus, Cadet branch members of the Al Saud take the title, "His Highness" or "Prince" but never "His Royal Highness" which is reserved for members of Abd al-Aziz line of the family.
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Al Walid bin Talal
Abdallah bin Abd al-Aziz
Salman bin Abd al-Aziz
Sultan bin Abd al-Aziz
Nayif bin Abdallah


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