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2023-01-29 Royal Court Announces Death of Prince Abd al-Illah bin Saud
2023-01-29 Crown Prince Attends CORE Diriyah E-Prix 2023
2023-01-29 Prince Khalid bin Sultan Outlines Vision for Saudi Motorsports
2023-01-29 Saudi Prince Locked in US$5mil Fight over "James Bond Island"
2023-01-24 Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Chairs Cabinet's Session
2023-01-23 Saudi Minister of Foreign Affairs Meets With Secretary General of INTERPOL
2023-01-23 New Champions Shine at Kings and Princes Cups Festival
2023-01-20 Prince Faysal bin Farhan Davos Interview
2023-01-20 Prince Saud bin Talal Launches al-Ahsa Date Festival
2023-01-19 Prince Faysal bin Farhan Speaks at Davos
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Head of State: An Opportunistic Promotion?

The determination by the Biden administration that Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman should be granted sovereign immunity in a civil lawsuit effectively shields the Kingdom's de facto leader from any meaningful accountability. Was his sudden appointment to the role of prime minister simply a way for King Salman to begin devolving responsibility, or does the timing suggest that the decision was made to ward off legal challenges?

October Oil Surprise: Political Interference or Market Forces?

American outrage over the announcement of oil production cuts by OPEC+ shows the depth of the rift that has emerged between the US and Saudi Arabia. Is the crown prince, Muhammad bin Salman, using oil as a lever to interfere in American politics, or is energy policy motivated simply by financial interests?

Charles of Arabia: Royal Friend or Thorn in the Side?

With the sudden withdrawal of Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman from attendance at the funeral ceremony for Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, all eyes were on his last minute replacement - the relatively obscure Prince Turki bin Muhammad, grandson of a former king but unknown outside of Saudi Arabia. Was the choice of Turki intended to send a message regarding the Kingdom's relationship with the U.K.?

When Royals Hit The News: Guilty By Association?

Compared to the sensational story that a Saudi royal couple stood accused of modern-day slavery in the United States, the follow-up revelation that the case against them had entirely collapsed attracted almost no notice at all. In the headlong rush for clicks and views, does the media find the royal family an easy target for demonization?

Over A Barrel: Desperate Measures Or Realpolitik?

Although the stated intent of President Biden's trip to Saudi Arabia was to recalibrate his relations with Middle East leaders, especially Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, who he had until now refused to recognize, the meeting turned into a public relations disaster before it had even started. Did the crown prince come out ahead, his rule finally legitimized in the eyes of the world?