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2022-05-17 Deputy Defense Minister in D.C.
2022-05-16 Crown Prince Due in Abu Dhabi
2022-05-16 Princess Rima bint Bandar Receives Honorary Doctorate
2022-05-15 UAE President Receives Delegation of Saudi Princes
2022-05-15 Saudi King Salman Leaves Hospital
2022-05-14 Crown Prince to Attend the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques' Cup Final
2022-05-13 Saudi Culture Minister to Head Board of Directors of Commission to Develop Taif
2022-05-13 Saudi Energy Minister Says Record Fuel Costs Driven by Refining Crunch
2022-05-12 Saudi Prince Criticizes Western Reporting on Killing of al-Jazeera Journalist
2022-05-12 Prince Ahmad bin Fahd to Head al-Ahsa Development Authority
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A Break With The Past: Sidelining the Al al-Shaykh?

Statements by the crown prince over the last few years on the urgency of moderating Islam have caused a stir among activists and social media users. While some have interpreted his comments as being a veiled threat to dissidents and opposition figures, his thoughts indicate a desire to limit the power of the clerics over state affairs.

A Royal Rumble: Spectacle or Portent?

With Saudi Arabia set firmly on the path to becoming a "modern" state under Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman's "Vision 2030", Western-style extravaganzas such as WWE matches have been making headlines. But is royal meddling in the ring a reflection of his passion for the sport, or an ominous look into his character?

The Saga of Princess Basma bint Saud: The Collapse of Opposition?

Princess Basma bint Saud, an outspoken advocate for social reform in Saudi Arabia, was detained in a maximum security prison on dubious charges for nearly two years without any formal charges, until set free in early January. Given that many viewed her arbitrary detention as the consequence of an implicit criticism of the Kingdom's leadership, is her recent release a sign that dissent among members of the royal family has been effectively crushed, and her activism no longer perceived as a threat?

The Legacy of 1979: Religious Fundamentalism and the Royal Family (Part II)

Following the attack on Makkah's Grand Mosque by a group of millennialist zealots in 1979, a time of liberal experimentation and openness to the West came crashing to a halt as the Kingdom renewed its alliance with the conservative religious establishment. The consequences were still being felt decades later.

The Legacy of 1979: Religious Fundamentalism and the Royal Family (Part I)

For two weeks in November 1979, a ragged band of religious fanatics held Makkah's Grand Mosque, sending shock waves through the Islamic world and posing a direct threat to the legitimacy of the Al Saud. For how could kings who styled themselves 'Custodians of the Two Holy Mosques' be entrusted with dynastic rule, when they could not guarantee the safety of this most holy of places?