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2023-03-23 Defense Minister Patronizes Graduation Ceremony of 102nd Batch of King Faysal Air Academy
2023-03-23 King Salman Arrives in Jiddah
2023-03-22 Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Chairs Weekly Cabinet's Session
2023-03-22 Princess Rima Bandar Tours NASA Facilities in Houston
2023-03-21 Prince Khalid bin Sultan Interview
2023-03-16 Defense Minister Attends Cadets Graduation
2023-03-15 Saudi Crown Prince Test Drives Nonaligned Foreign Policy
2023-03-14 Death of Princess Arij bint Abdallah
2023-03-13 Prince Abd al-Aziz bin Talal Opens Exhibition in Cairo
2023-03-13 Prince Faysal bin Farhan Interview on Iran Agreement
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Succession In A Time Of Uncertainty: Revisiting The Past? (Part I)

The crown prince, Muhammad bin Salman, is set to become the first of a younger generation to sit upon the throne, a transition which represents a fundamental break with both precedent and a tradition in which of the sons of the Kingdom's founder each took their place in turn. Succession in the royal family, however, is a dynamic process, a reflection of the realities of the time as well as the political environment.

Neom, The Crown Prince And Disruptive Innovation: The Collapse of Illusions?

2022 has seen the reputations of once high-flying titans of industry, media and politics left in tatters, as a veneer of carefully curated branding was stripped away to reveal the shaky foundation underlying the celebrity sizzle. Will Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, a self-proclaimed visionary and disruptor, suffer the same fate, or do his plans for a utopian future reveal an even more unsettling reality?

Head of State: An Opportunistic Promotion?

The determination by the Biden administration that Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman should be granted sovereign immunity in a civil lawsuit effectively shields the Kingdom's de facto leader from any meaningful accountability. Was his sudden appointment to the role of prime minister simply a way for King Salman to begin devolving responsibility, or does the timing suggest that the decision was made to ward off legal challenges?

October Oil Surprise: Political Interference or Market Forces?

American outrage over the announcement of oil production cuts by OPEC+ shows the depth of the rift that has emerged between the US and Saudi Arabia. Is the crown prince, Muhammad bin Salman, using oil as a lever to interfere in American politics, or is energy policy motivated simply by financial interests?

Charles of Arabia: Royal Friend or Thorn in the Side?

With the sudden withdrawal of Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman from attendance at the funeral ceremony for Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, all eyes were on his last minute replacement - the relatively obscure Prince Turki bin Muhammad, grandson of a former king but unknown outside of Saudi Arabia. Was the choice of Turki intended to send a message regarding the Kingdom's relationship with the U.K.?