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2024-07-15 Saudi Foreign Minister Meets with Turkish Foreign Minister
2024-07-10 Saudi Prince Khalid bin al-Walid Joins Board of Directors of Function Fitness Firm iF3
2024-07-07 Death of Princess Sultana bint Saud
2024-07-04 Saudi Foreign Minister Arrives in Spain
2024-07-03 Saudi Defense Minister Meets with Erdogan, Guler in Ankara
2024-07-03 Saudi Foreign Minister Arrives in Estonia
2024-07-02 Minister of Defense Arrives in Ankara on an Official Visit
2024-07-01 Prince al-Walid bin Talal re-appointed as Chairman of Kingdom Holding
2024-06-26 Prince Abd al-Aziz bin Salman Launches Saudi Arabia's Renewable Energy Survey Project
2024-06-26 Saudi Defence Minister Meets Chinese Counterpart
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War, Peace and Politics - The Royal Family and Palestine (Part II)

After the death of the first Saudi king, Abd al-Aziz, his son Saud took the throne. Despite taking the Palestinian issue to heart, the new monarch was unable to ever fully comprehend the depth of American support for Israel. In the end, Saud's weak leadership, disinterest, and lack of regional clout frustrated his scattered and unfocused efforts at resolution.

War, Peace and Politics - The Royal Family and Palestine (Part I)

The October 7 surprise attack on Israel by Hamas, and the resulting war this precipitated, has exposed the shortcomings of the Abraham Accords. Further, the lack of available arrows in the Saudi diplomatic quiver highlights the failure of decades-long efforts to reach a meaningful consensus on the issue of Palestinian statehood. Yet, starting with the reign of the Kingdom's founder, Abd al-Aziz, solidarity with Palestine and opposition to the Zionist project has been a core tenet of the royal identity.

Stage Management: Spectacles, Sidelining And Dissent

Even as the Kingdom takes steps towards cultural liberalization, an intense crackdown on activists and political dissidents continues unabated. Can the attempt to change its international image be reconciled with the extraordinary sentences being handed down by the courts?

A Royal in Morocco: The Strange Case of Princess Fahda al-Hithlayn

News of the lavish Moroccan holiday of Fahda, the wife of Saudi King Salman, seems to fly in the face of widespread reports of her supposed captivity on the orders of her own son, the crown prince. Was the sensational allegation by foreign intelligence agencies flawed, or has a family reconciliation taken place?

Reform, Crackdown and Succession: Continuity or Disruption?

As the crown prince and de facto regent Muhammad bin Salman presses ahead with an ambitious program of social and structural reforms, it is often assumed that he is pursuing a radically vision than that preferred by his more conservative father, King Salman. A closer look, however, reveals that the two are in fact closely aligned.